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By Marianne Yeomans


Phase 1 Harvesting My Bounty

Posted on September 23, 2013 at 10:15 PM

Well, now that we have all our pestos taking up space in our freezers-I do but I bet you don't?  But if someone out there heeded my advise and took advantage of my recipes, you won't be sorry, because if  you expaned the little time it takes to make these great additives that will enhance many of the recipes that you have in your recipe repertoire.

The following suggestions are a few of the ideas I have tried with great sucess.Add to your cold pasta salads-Last week I made what I call my pasta antipasto salad using tri-color pasta mixed with tomatoes, olives, peppers, basil, mozzerella cheese, shredded parmersan cheese, mushrooms and Italian cold cuts (it just doesn't taste right  without the meat-so remember eat in moderation),  I also like to add some pickled vegetables like califlower and brocolli-that are easily made by marinating the vegetables in a jar that you have added all your left over pickle juice too.  Place the vegetable in the refrigerator-if your kids like pickles they will love vertically sliced carrots that have been marinated for a few days.  Any raw vegetable will do.  Great for a healthy low calorie snack. Add a good Italian dressing, homemade or purchased . You can find my Italian dressing on Classic Archives by searching Italian dressing.

I use the pesto as a spread on sandwiches and to top hummus that is spread on whole wheat crackeres.  That is one of my weekday protein lunches along with a sliced apple with peanut butter and honey and a tall glass of milk.

Mix pesto into your potato salad and egg salad.

Whip the pesto into the eggs when making quiche or a frittata. Also in scrambled eggs an omelets.

Mix some n  soups stews or in anything that needs a healthy additive-Try the Basil/Roasted pepper Pesto spread on the bread before making a grilled cheese sandwich. 

Ok, it is your turn to create some uses for using  pesto and send them to my contact e-mail [email protected] so that I can share them with my readers.  you will get credit for them.

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